I am a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich. I was graduate student at the Department of Astronomy at the University of California, Santa Cruz. There, I worked under the supervision of Professors Greg Laughlin and Piero Madau on topics ranging from planet formation and detection to the co-evolution of galaxies and their massive black holes. I was born in Chile, the longest country in the world and home to some of the greatest telescopes on Earth.


I'm currently focused on studying galaxy formation and evolution through high-resolution Nbody+SPH simulations. Recently, we ran the highest-resolution simulation to date of the formation of a Milky Way-like spiral galaxy. Dubbed Eris, the simulated galaxy is in excellent agreement with observed correlation relations (e.g. Tully-Fisher, Mstar-Mhalo) and the observed structural properties of nearby late-type spirals (e.g. surface brightness breaks, B/D ratio, dispersion measure).